IV. The Emperor

The Emperor radiates power. He has seen through social convention. He knows thought patterns are created by repetition. In other words, if we think up something and repeat the thought, we will start believing it and see it as reality. Collectively we set up rules and norms and ended up believing them to be facts. Consequently this is what we have been taught and what we teach our children, at home and in our educational systems. This belief-system thrives on the idea that we are dependent on the confirmation and acknowledgement of others. While in fact we were, are and will always be free. Upon realizing this our felt experience will undergo a radical change. Formerly all we did was try to fit in, at the cost of our own wellbeing.  If we would only turn our attention within and get to know ourselves, we would realize we don’t need to do or become something other than we already are to deserve happiness. Happiness is our natural state, the only thing standing in the way of experiencing this is believing in conditioning. Realizing we are free makes us happy, if you don’t feel happy you probably don’t feel free. If this is the case, you could ask yourself what causes you to feel you are unfree? What is it you think you are ‘obliged’ to do to become happy? Are our responsibilities not our choice? We have the ability to respond to any situation, but it always is our choice in what manner we want to respond. There is a world of difference between responding to a situation or reacting to it. Reaction is automatic, generated by habit and thus your conditioning. Responding to a situation comes from awareness. Only by listening within will we find the proper response serving both us and the world. We know a choice is serving us, when it makes us feel happy and light (instead of draining us of our energy emotionally). Bear in mind that upon starting this process of refraining from reacting and choosing the best response for you, you are reprogramming your system and this takes energy. Be sure to take proper rest and know that any feeling of tiredness in this stage is a sign of progress. As we can see, the Emperor is sitting at a distance from the city, the city symbolizes our collective creation. The Emperor maintains a clear overview and with his hammer builds his own world.