III. The Empress

The Empress is the Mother of the Universe and thus symbolizes fertility and femininity. She is the source of all creative energy and as we can see she carries the entire Universe inside her belly. Everything happens within her. As a Human we can project our humanness onto God. There are many different forms of God that are being worshipped. All the while the formless aspect of God is being overlooked by many of us. It begs the question – what do we call God? We call the aspect of life that creates everything from seemingly nothing – God. But where is this mysterious God located? Is it something far away, or could it be so close that we have missed it?

Close your eyes, what do you see? Emptiness? Darkness? Nothing? What if this no-thing isn’t empty? What if it is utterly full of potential and everything exists within this so-called ‘space’? Mozart said: “The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” Many great souls have pointed us in the direction of this silent no-thingness. Only by immersing ourselves in this so-called silence will we be able to obtain true knowledge of what it is and consequently of what we are. When tapping into this field our creativity gets unleashed. 

Many of us have become serious people. The pressure of society robbed us of our childlike joy and many of us have now forgotten what it means to be creative. A child is free. It subconsciously knows this existence is a joyous play in which we may create whatever we like. By the time we have downed our second cup of coffee a child has already created multiple worlds and dimensions following one simple rule – joy. This is one of the reasons it is such a pleasant experience to spend time with children. They remind us of our own carefreeness and show us the joy of creation. 

This card reminds us life’s possibilities are endless. The Empress encourages us to remember that we are her children. We were created to love one another and to love what we do. Not to live unhappily doing things we think we are supposed to do. If you find it difficult to navigate through this world, you could ask yourself this simple question – what can I do that brings joy to me and to those around me? You don’t have to know the answer right away. There is probably not just one answer, but the question serves as a starting point. Start experimenting!