II. The High Priestess

We are trained to use our rational mind to deal with the world. The High Priestess encourages us to listen within. She doesn’t close her eyes to get away from all the happenings outside, she closes them to get in tune with her highest truth. When she has to make a decision she goes inside first and listens to directions of her own being instead of the morals of convention and the echoes of the world. Her hair is like the wavy ocean and symbolizes the world of emotion. Emotion stands for: energy in motion. Are we aware of these movements within us? Or have we become habitual thinkers and do we not even know what we feel anymore? Let’s take a step back from everything and focus upon what is happening. There is only one person that can honour your truth and that is you alone. If you don’t listen to what happens inside, then how can we expect the world around us to do so? Don’t beat yourself up if you neglected your inner guidance, you might as well be ecstatic! You have located what so many of us have forgotten – the compass within! It is never too late to listen to its directions, so don’t worry if you neglected it yesterday, try your best to listen to it now. 

The crescent moon symbolizes our connection with the universe. The moon is the cause of the tides on earth. It may look as if the moon is shining but the truth is that it is reflecting the light of the sun. So it also symbolizes reflection. There are different voices pointing us in different directions. By seeking stillness and inner concentration we can hear the truth of our inner compass. We are much more than just our physical body and our thinking mind. The thing is, words can merely point us in the direction of who we truly are, but who we really are can only be realized experientially by tuning into the silence, again and again. At first, this tuning in takes effort and concentration, which seems like a paradox because we are aiming for an experience of relaxing into our very own being. Meditation starts with concentration to make our focus one-pointed. Then we direct our one-pointed attention on that which is aware – which is the source of attention. 

Eventually our self image, which is the cause of all longing, will subside when we rediscover our true nature. Like a fish looking for water, we have been looking for our Formless Self.