I. The Magician

The Magician leans against a seedling that has yet to grow and unfold into a fully grown leaf like the ones surrounding her. The lady we see understands that she is at “home” wherever she is. “Home” isn’t a physical place in the outside universe, it is the sweet awareness that is felt in the state of relaxation. She realizes that outside is an extension of inside. Or in other words – all that is, is all you are. We are one existence – creator and the creation. The Magician has taken out her wand and is busy creating her reality. She knows the energy she brings into the world is the energy she will later receive. “Ask and it is given” might as well be – give and it is received. 

Do you feel “at home” wherever you are? If not, what stands in the way of you experiencing this? What is it that fills your mind? The Magician tells you that “the mind” is powered by the awareness that we are. “The mind” is as real as the physical world, thought is just more subtle than matter. By bringing our awareness to the thoughts that fill up our mind, we can become aware of the cohesion between the inside and the outside. Our thoughts, words, and deeds become our reality. If we keep sustaining behavioral-patterns that will lead to a reality that we do not like, we should not fall into the pitfall of blaming the outside world for our own creation. Instead we can become aware of the patterns that attract this reality and let go of them by not sustaining them with our thought, word, and deed. We can then, by choosing our actions consciously, create heaven on earth. Know that you are not an accident, you are a fully intended creation. You are here on purpose and if you realize this, you can start creating with that same purpose you were created with: Love.