0.The Fool

The Fool is numbered 0 – the numberless number of unlimited potential – therefore it does not have a specific place in the sequence of the Tarot cards. It can be at the beginning as well as the end. The Major Arcana are often considered to be the Fool’s journey through life. In this life, the fool is ever-present and therefore needs no number. The fool leaves a cave and is followed by a shadow. The cave stands for the womb in which we securely grow until we are ripe and ready to start our voyage. The shadow is a metaphor for No-thingness, the place we come from and will always return to. From this place of No-thingness also called ‘the heart’ springs forth our intuition. The Fool is not led by preconceived ideas or any kind of system, she navigates through the world listening to her intuition. She does not calculate her future path nor does she look back at the past. She is gazing upwards towards the sky (and the Universe) and from this place is ready to start her journey. In her hand, she carries a case containing everything she needs – which is not much. The Fool represents purity, loyalty, and innocence. She knows that if she listens to the voice within, she is protected by the entire Universe. She knows the present is a gift and that in this present everything crossing our path is a stepping stone helping us to get back to our Highest Self.